My Story

It all started when I was growing up being in the kitchen

with my grandmothers.

My paternal grandmother was from Senegal, West Africa.

I recall particular family party when we made countless 

Vietmanese Nems (spring rolls) using rice paper wrappers.

My maternal grandmother was from Martinique, an island

in the French Caribbean. With her, I remember going in the

'jungle' and her telling me this, fruit is good for diabetes, that leaf is good to lower a high temperature. She grew a large part of what she ate. I remember a sunny afternoon collecting coffee beans from her tree, roasted them to then, finally grind them.

Being of Afro-Caribbean origins, I have always been around food but also Spices and Herbs. I love my Spices

and my herbs. I cook for the family 360 days a year and they can truly transform your everyday meal into a

celebration of tasty flavours.

I decided that 2020 was the year to bring to you my Spices and my Herbs. You will find Spices and Herbs

Blends to jazz up your everyday meals, Infused Sea Salt to bring up flavours and also Infused Sugar to treat yourselves.

Bring the magic of Spices & Herbs to your kitchen.


Image by Pratiksha Mohanty